Capri yacht tour

Enjoy the magnificent features of the Isle of Capri as you tour in our luxurious Amalfi Coast Yachts.

Our routes include; Marina Grande, Marina Caterola, Tiberio’s jump, the White Grotto, Cala Matermania, Rock Monacone with Villa Malaparte, the Faraglioni, Marina Piccola, the Lighthouse of Punta Carena, the Cave of the Saints, the Grotta Rossa, the Green Grotto, Cala di Mezzo, Cala del Rio, the Blue Grotto of Tiberius and the famous Bagni di Tiberio (known as the swimming spot).

About your yacht TOUR in Capri

A typical tour of the islands takes about 8 hours, which gives you the opportunity to explore the coast, take a bath, have lunch, and engage in other fun activities.

Our Russian and English-speaking crew will help you get familiar with the places as well as giving you historical hints to ensure you enjoy getting the best of your tour.

Enclosed in the territory of the Gulf of Naples, is the morphological structure of the Isle of Capris. Its structure is a good description for the beauty of nature. It has an irregular surface which comes as a result of highlands and high mountains – one of its most unique is ‘Anacapri’. It als0 has other exciting features such as cliffs, coves, inlets, and natural caves.

Historically, the Romans attacked this region and built royal villas during the period of their sumptuous Empire. Amongst these symbols, the Faraglioni rock formation and the Blue Grotto are the most prominent icons.

Faraglioni is majorly known as a spot for TV commercials and ads as a lot of brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and many others have made awesome use of the beautiful place. The magical view of the Blue Grotto is also a thrilling view to behold. It derived the name ‘Blue Grotto’ following the paranormal blue lighting when illuminated by an external light.


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